Quadro Clamp

  bringing the record into more intimate contact with the platter.  

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Massive record clamping unit (390gr) in stainless steel. Designed for all Clearaudio (not linear tracking) tonearms. There is a high and a low version available.

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Clearaudio's Quadro Clamp ( 390G) is a massive record clamping unit that will hold your LP firmly to the platter. Made of stainless steel, its appearance and functionality will complement any high quality turntable.

Choose the standard version or the low-profile 'flat' model.

The Clearaudio record clamp has to be one of the nicest clamps we’ve seen. What’s more it makes any deck look a million dollars. Weighing in at 390g this stainless steel clamp uses gravity to clamp records flat.

Modern vinyl records are thin, flexible and often warped or bowed. As most records do not lie flat on the turntable platter, sound reproduction suffers due to undamped vinyl resonances caused by the stylus riding on an unsupported record.

Records which are bowed downwards contact the platter at the outer edge but not in middle. Conversely, records that are warped or bowed upwards tend to rock on the platter. In these instances anti-skating compensation is less effective and record wear is increased substantially by the lateral or vertical see-saw motion of the tonearm/cartridge combination.

The Clearaudio Record Clamp solves the above problems by bringing the record into more intimate contact with the platter.

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Review door Roy Regeling, Geplaatst op 05-09-2015, 5 Ster(ren).
Tijdje terug deze clamp besteld en mogen ontvangen. Helaas was deze net niet hoog genoeg voor mijn platenspeler, Music Hall 7.1, dus moest dus worden omgeruild naar de hoge versie. Alles prima gecommuniceerd en nu de gelukkige eigenaar van de hoge versie. Betere service kun je niet krijgen, zelfs retour zenden op hun kosten (wat voor mij niet hoefde) niets anders dan lof. Over de clamp zelf, niets op aan te merken doet wat het moet doen en je zult het verschil echt horen. Top zaak.
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