Blue Horizon

Blue Horizon
Blue Horizon Contact Cleaning Fluid

BLUE HORIZON - Contact Cleaning Fluid

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Clean-IT is an electrical contact enhancer that has been specially developed for use with audio and AV equipment It features a fastacting deoxidizing solution that cleans conditions lubricates and preserves improving the conductivity of all metal con...

Blue Horizon Spike Shoes

BLUE HORIZON - Spike Shoes

4 pcs per set
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Blue Horizons Ultimate Spike Shoes are designed to sit beneath the spikes that support floorstanding speakers and speaker stands They serve a dual purpose firstly they protect flooring and secondly they enhance sound quality by suppressing resonance ...

Blue Horizon Cable Burn-in unit

BLUE HORIZON - Cable Burn-in unit

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Cable burnin, an acknowledged problem in need of a better solution
It is a wellknown fact that highquality audio and video cables improve over time when used in a hifi or home cinema system A hard closedin sound with a distinct lack of bass are th.....

Blue Horizon High Performance Mat

BLUE HORIZON - High Performance Mat

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This highperformance record mat is made from a unique composite of India rubber cork and leather Its fine granular compo...