Cable Type
Jelco SA-250ST Tonearm

JELCO - SA-250ST Tonearm

Straight, 9 inch
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9 inch tonearm black

Jelco SA-750D Tonearm

JELCO - SA-750D Tonearm

Oil damping system and removable headshell
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Jelco tonearm models are made by the Ichikawa Jewel Company, which was established in 1920, as a manufacturer of the high-end audio plugs, as well as audio accessories. Their Japanese engineering is second to none (think Lexus). Jelco makes their own...

Jelco Headshell SME type

JELCO - Headshell SME type

12,5 gram
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This is currently the best quality head shell. Equipped with the finest quality OFC Copper Litz cartridge connection wires. Azimuth is adjustable by releasing the screw on the side of the shell.

Jelco OP-S Tonearm Cable

JELCO - OP-S Tonearm Cable

Jelco's entry level tonearm cable
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Jelco Tonearm Cable, economical type.
As supplied with the SA250-ST Tonearm from jelco.

Jelco JAC-501 Tonearm Cable

JELCO - JAC-501 Tonearm Cable

Available with straight or angled DIN connector
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Outer jacket:Flexible PVC
DIN Connector: Phosphor bronze, Brass and others
RCA Connector : Phosphor bronze, Brass and others

Jelco Tonearm connector 5 pin DIN

JELCO - Tonearm connector 5 pin DIN

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Jelco 5 pin DIN Gold plated tonearm connector.

Jelco Armlifter

JELCO - Armlifter

As used by many turntable brands
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