Blaudzun Blaudzun (called after a relatively unknown Danish cyclist from the 70s,)Dutch indie pop outfit blends the expansiveness of Frightened Rabbit with the rural country-folk charm of the Lumineers.

2008 Blaudzun
2010 Seadrift Soundmachine
2012 Heavy Flowers (EU)
2013 Heavy Flowers (US)
2014 Promises of No Man’s Land
2016 Jupiter

Blaudzun Heavy Flowers =for sale=

BLAUDZUN - Heavy Flowers =for sale=

1x LP 33rpm + bonus CD
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2012 EU LP+bonus CD= The third album by singer-songwriter John Sigmond known as Blaudzun titled Heavy Flowers from it is the successor to the widely acclaimed Seadrift Sound Machine Heavy Flowers is Blaudzuns most dynamic feature film to date, the di...