Bonnie Prince Billy

Bonnie Prince Billy Bonnie Prince Billy is an American singer-songwriter, actor and musician. Oldham has recorded music under various names, including Palace, Palace Brothers, Palace Music, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, and under his own name. His music is characterized by its creaky, sometimes false voice, but always from the heart. He has in the past been compared to Neil Young and Leonard Cohen.

    I See a Darkness (1999)
    Get on Jolly (2000)
    Ease Down the Road (2001)
    Master and Everyone (2003)
    Greatest Palace Music (2004)
    Superwolf (2005)
    Summer in the Southeast (live) (2005)
    The Brave and de Bold met Tortoise (2006)
    The Letting go (2006)
    Ask Forgiveness (2007)
    Lie Down in The Light (2008)
    Beware (2009)
    The wonder show of the world (2010)
    Wolfroy goes to town (2011))
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