Groove Washer

Groove Washer GrooveWasher Walnut Display Block

GROOVE WASHER - GrooveWasher Walnut Display Block

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Custom made, solid American Walnut Display Block. CNC routed to fit your GrooveWasher handle and 2 oz mist spray bottle. Keep it next to your turntable so the GrooveWasher is handy to fine clean your records, just before playing.

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Groove Washer GrooveWasher kit

GROOVE WASHER - GrooveWasher kit

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"Amazing record cleaner! The GrooveWasher kit has improvedd my record playing experience immensely. I had considered purchasing a more expensive system after trying manual cleaning systems like this and decided to give one more a shot. I'm so glad...

Groove Washer Starter Kit


starter kit
-- Sold Out -- But expected in again!

The GrooveWasher Starter Kit includes:

- Hand painted poplar wood handle in five colors.

- One All Purpose Cleaning Pad (Red Base)--with velcro on the base to secure the pad to the handle and allow easy removal for cleaning or replacement.