IFI Micro iPhono2

IFI - Micro iPhono2

Improved version 2: Small wonder - MM/MC pre
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The iPhono2 allows any cartridge at any price to be accommodated optimally. The maximum gain is now an astonishing 72dB to handle the lowest of low output MC cartridges. Even the legendary Ortofon MC-5000 does not require sound-degrading step-up tran...


IFI - Micro iPHONO

Small wonder - MM/MC pre
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DNA from the AMR PH-77, the iPhono has multiple EQ and is super-silent with a string of awards behind it. The iPhono isn’t just a perfect match for your LPs. It’s a perfect match for your cartridge, too. With up to 66dB of gain, individually adjustab...

IFI iPurifier

IFI - iPurifier

For a clean USB signal
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The iPurifier does one job and one job only; it cleans and filters audio + power at the end of the digital chain; just prior to the digital signal entering the DAC . The specially-designed circuit restores the ‘signal waveform’ and puts the ‘analo......

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IFI - Micro iTUBE

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With even more additional features not found elsewhere including 3D HolographicSound® system for Speakers, the iTUBE makes a Swiss Army knife seem one-dimensional. Prepare yourself for extended listening sessions. The iFi iTUBE is a game changer.

IFI Gemini Dual USB Cable

IFI - Gemini Dual USB Cable

Audio and Power Separated
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The iFi Gemini carries Audio + Power in two separate cables. Critically, the special geometry adheres to the 90 ohm impedance specification better than even the USB 2.0 standard. Resistance is 4x lower than textbook.

IFI Micro iUSB Power

IFI - Micro iUSB Power

Audio and Power Separated
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IsoPower from iFi eliminates any pollution between data and power lines. It keeps your USB audio data free from contamination and removes the USB Signal noise from the power supply lines, to enjoy the maximum performance from your USB audio device, u...

IFI Mercury USB Cable

IFI - Mercury USB Cable

Audio-grade USB cable
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True Audio grade USB Cable from iFi. Their proprietary machine connector looks and feels like it was hewn from a solid block of aluminium. This is not far from the truth. This is the iFi standard.

IFI Micro iCAN

IFI - Micro iCAN

Very high damping factor
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Class A headphone amplifier with Class A with XBass and 3D HolographicSound that has taken the headphone world by storm. Unlike traditional headphone amplifiers, the design of the iCAN is based on the whole gamut of headphones. This atypical approach...


IFI - Micro iLINK

Say goodbye to jitter!
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The iLINK is the ultimate USB to SPDIF converter. Rather than start with the converter chip, we went beyond and analysed the whole transmission and conversion process. Only by doing this fundamental ground-work could we overcome inherent sonic defici...

IFI Micro iDSD

IFI - Micro iDSD

Octa Speed DAC with HeadAmp
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iFi has forged an enviable reputation for being at the forefront of computer audio technology. The micro iDSD has just made another leap, an Octa-Leap to be precise. With its special Dual-Core Burr-Brown native DSD/PCM chipset at the heart, the micro...


IFI - Nano iDSD

163 grams only!
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The iFi nano iDSD is full of ‘firsts.’ It is the world’s smallest, portable (only 163g), battery-powered, serious DAC that plays ALL high-resolution formats: PCM/DSD/DXD natively.

IFI Micro iDAC2

IFI - Micro iDAC2

True Native playback on DSD and PCM
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Dedicated 24/192kHz HD USB DAC for DSD/DXD/PCM straight from the computer to headphones/amplifier. Music is incredibly clear, virtually tangible. Bass lines are sharper and more powerful than ever, music is life-like.


IFI - Nano iCAN

70hrs battery life
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For many, enjoying music requires the component to excel in both a ‘static’ high-end system as well as a ‘dynamic’ portable system. The nano iCAN fits this bill perfectly. Able to take RCA or 3.5mm inputs, running on lithium-polymer battery power, en...