Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin Pearl


1x LP 180g 33rpm= Sourced from the original masters=
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2012 EU reissue on 180g LP -Pearl(1971) is a smoother, more polished album than anything Janis had achieved previously. Her other great album, Cheap Thrills (with Big Brother...) is a fine record but sloppy in execution. Pearl, conversely is the soun...

Janis Joplin Cheap Thrills (Big Brother & The Holding Company Feat. Janis Joplin)

JANIS JOPLIN - Cheap Thrills (Big Brother & The Holding Company Feat. Janis Joplin)

1x LP 180 gr.33rpm audiophile Vinyl
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2012 EU reissue on 180g LP- A truly classic album & an important part of Rock history, 'a time capsule for one of rock's most distinguished singers.'One of the most eagerly anticipated albums of 1968, "Piece Of My Heart"+ Gershwin's "Summerti...

Janis Joplin Janis Joplin's Greatest Hits

JANIS JOPLIN - Janis Joplin's Greatest Hits

1x LP coloured 33rpm Limited Edition +download
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2017 EU reissue on cloured vinyl LP-1973 collection of hit songs by American singer-songwriter Janis Joplin, who died in 1970. It features live versions of Down On Me and Ball and Chain which were included on the In Concert album the previous year.