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Fairport Convention

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Fairport Convention is a British folk rock band formed in 1967. Their first gig was in a church in May 1967. The band is considered the pioneer of the English variant of the folk-rock, a style that was modeled entirely until then in the American folk from artists like Bob Dylan. With medieval ballads like Matty Groves (13th century) and it was by the British and Celtic folk-influenced music Fairport Convention is an example for many bands in England and abroad. Fairport Convention has undergone numerous personnel changes and has evolved over the years to play traditional folk. Famous artists who have played in the band include Sandy Denny, Iain Matthews and Richard Thompson.

1968 Fairport Convention
1969 What We Did on Our Holidays
1969 Unhalfbricking
1969 Liege & Lief
1970 Full House
1970 Live at the L.A. Troubadour
1971 Angel Delight
1971 Babbacombe Lee
1972 The History Of Fairport Convention
1973 Rosie
1973 Nine
1974 Fairport Live Convention
1975 Rising for the Moon
1976 Gottle O'Geer
1977 The Bonny Bunch of Roses
1978 Tipplers Tales
1979 Farewell Farewell
1985 Gladys Leap
1986 Expletive Delighted
1987 Heyday
1987 In Real Time
1989 Red And Gold
1990 The Five Seasons
1992 Fairport Convention 25th Anniversary Concert
1995 Jewel in the Crown
1996 Old New Borrowed Blue
1997 Who Knows Where the Time Goes
1998 The Cropredy Box (Old Boys' XVI - 1997 Season)
1999 The Wood and the Wire
1999 Cropredy 98
2000 AT2/The Boot
2001 Fairport Convention XXXV
2004 Over the Next Hill
2004 The Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood (Live at The Cropredy Festivals 1986 and 1987)
2007 Sense of Occasion
2011 Festival Bell
2015 Myths and Heroes

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