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Faithless Faithless 2.0  = The Greatest Hits & The Remixes   =

FAITHLESS - Faithless 2.0 = The Greatest Hits & The Remixes =

2x LP 180g 33rpm
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2015 EU issue on 180g 2LP- 2015 marks the 20-year milestone in their illustrious career the band have curated a special remix album ‘Faithless 2.0.’ Avicii’s take on the legendary ‘Insomnia’, Tiesto’s storming rework of ‘God is a DJ’, Above & Beyond...

Faithless Reverence =180g=2LP=

FAITHLESS - Reverence =180g=2LP=

2x LP 180 gr.33rpm
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( 1996 ) - 2017 EU reissue on 180g LP - debut album contains several singles that have subsequently become Faithless classics, such as "Don't Leave", "Salva Mea", and "Insomnia". A collection of shadows, of mirror images, where songs mimic one another be.

Faithless -Outrospective=2xLP=180g

FAITHLESS - -Outrospective=2xLP=180g

2x LP 180 gr.33rpm
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( 2001 ) - 2017 EU re-issue on 180g 2xLP- Outrospective was their third and most successful album, featuring "We Come 1". Good for Saturday nights as well as Sunday mornings, Maxi Jazz, Rollo and Sister Bliss are the holy trinity at the centre of the U.K.

Faithless Sunday 8 PM =180g 2LP=

FAITHLESS - Sunday 8 PM =180g 2LP=

2x LP 180g 33rpm+bonus download
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( 1998 ) - 2017 EU reissue on 180g 2LP-1998's Sunday 8PM, 2nd album from UK electronic dance collective Faithless, a prime example of dance music at its popularity peak, with the singles" Bring My Family Back," " Take The Long Way Home,"and "God Is A DJ .