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Gary Numan Savage ( Songs from a Broken World ) =2LP =

GARY NUMAN - Savage ( Songs from a Broken World ) =2LP =

2xLP 33rpm standard
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2017 EU issue on standard 2LP-Produced by Ade Fenton and recorded in Los Angeles and the UK, Savage (Songs from a Broken World) is the haunting new concept album from self-proclaimed "one man band" and electro and industrial music pioneer Gary Numan. Infl

Gary Numan Premier Hits

GARY NUMAN - Premier Hits

2XLP standard 33rpm=gatefold=
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2015 EU issue on standard 2LP-Includes favourites like ‘Cars’ and ‘Are Friends Electric?’. -Premier Hits is a full compilation of literal hits from synth-pop pioneer and industrialist Gary Numan, with (of course) his Tubeway Army in tow. The songs are spl

Gary Numan Pleasure Principle

GARY NUMAN - Pleasure Principle

2XLP standard 33rpm=gatefold=
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( 1979 ) 2015 EU issue on standard LP-Includes ‘Cars’ =The most popular of all the Gary Numan albums is undeniably 1979’s The Pleasure Principle. The reasons are simple -- there is not a single weak moment on the disc, it contains his sole U.S. (number on