Golden Earring

Golden Earring was a Dutch rock band, founded in 1961 in The Hague as The Golden Earrings (the definite article was dropped in 1967, while the "s" was dropped in 1969). They achieved worldwide fame with their international hit songs "Radar Love" in 1973, which went to number one on the Dutch charts, reached the top ten in the United Kingdom, and went to number thirteen on the United States charts,"Twilight Zone" in 1982, and "When the Lady Smiles" in 1984. During their career they have had nearly 30 top-ten singles on the Dutch charts while releasing 25 studio albums.


  • Just Ear-rings (1965)
  • Winter-Harvest (1967)
  • Miracle Mirror (1968)
  • On the Double (1969)
  • Eight Miles High (1969)
  • Golden Earring (1970)
  • Seven Tears (1971)
  • Together (1972)
  • Moontan (1973)
  • Switch (1975)
  • To the Hilt (1976)
  • Contraband (1976)
  • Grab It for a Second (1978)
  • No Promises...No Debts (1979)
  • Prisoner of the Night (1980)
  • Cut (1982)
  • N.E.W.S. (1984)
  • The Hole (1986)
  • Keeper of the Flame (1989)
  • Bloody Buccaneers (1991)
  • Face It (1994)
  • Love Sweat (1995)
  • Paradise in Distress (1999)
  • Millbrook U.S.A. (2003)
  • Tits 'n Ass (2012)
  • The Hague EP (2015)
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Golden Earring - Fully Naked = 180g vinyl 3LP =

GOLDEN EARRING - - Fully Naked = 180g vinyl 3LP =

2x LP 180g 33rpm
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( 2000 ) 2019 EU pressing 180g 3xLP =Available on vinyl for the first time. with additional tracks, first as The Complete Naked Truth (Side E) and in 2001 as Fully Naked (Side F).Includes “Naked Truth” , Acoustic versions of “Radar Love”, “Back Home”, “G

Golden Earring Naked Truth = 180g vinyl 2LP =

GOLDEN EARRING - Naked Truth = 180g vinyl 2LP =

2x LP 180g 33rpm
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( 1993 ) 2011 EU reissue 180g 2xLP =including their 1973 hit single "Radar Love" and their 1982 single "Twilight Zone". The Naked Truth for the first time on vinyl, Golden Earring have been together since 1961 and the current lineup includes two foundin

Golden Earring -50 Years Anniversary Album=180g 3LP=

GOLDEN EARRING - -50 Years Anniversary Album=180g 3LP=

3x LP 180g 33rpm=gold foiled sleeve=
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2016 Dutch issue on 180g vinyl 3LP-compilation include evergreens like "Another 45 Miles", "She Flies On Strange Wings", "Long Blond Animal", "Twilight Zone", "When The Lady Smiles", "Going To The Run", "Burning Stuntman" and many more.

Golden Earring To The Hilt = 180g coloured vinyl =

GOLDEN EARRING - To The Hilt = 180g coloured vinyl =

1x LP 180 gr. HQ Vinyl
-- In Stock --

( 1976 ) 2021 EU reissued on 180g coloured vinyl LP- To The Hilt was released in 1976 and is considered to be one of their most complex albums More than half of the songs are over 7 minutes long and musically the songs are very diverse It is the last reco

Golden Earring Eight Miles High= 180g coloured vinyl =

GOLDEN EARRING - Eight Miles High= 180g coloured vinyl =

1xLP 180g =coloured vinyl =
-- In Stock --

( 1969 ) 2022 EU reissued on 180g red coloured vinyl LP- Eight Miles High was originally released in 1969 by the Dutch rock band The Golden Earring. The album is titled after their cover of The Byrds' “Eight Miles High”, of which the full 19-minute versio

Golden Earring Moontan(Remastered/Expanded) =clear 180g vinyl 2LP =

GOLDEN EARRING - Moontan(Remastered/Expanded) =clear 180g vinyl 2LP =

1x LP 180 gr.33rpm audiophile Vinyl
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1973-2022 EU Remastered & expanded 180g clear vinyl 2LP=from the first-generation master tapes Featuring 3 previously unreleased mixes and 4 bonus tracks Includes 8-page booklet with a new essay, memorabilia and photos
Limited edition of 5000 individua

Golden Earring Together = 180g vinyl =

GOLDEN EARRING - Together = 180g vinyl =

1x LP 180g audiophile vinyl
-- In Stock --

1972 - 2021 EU reissue 180g vinyl LP =including “Buddy Joe” & “From Heaven from Hell”. Together is a 1972 album by the world-famous rock band the Golden Earring. It is the immediate predecessor to Moontan, and is as strong an example of Golden Earring's p

Golden Earring Cut =180g  coloured vinyl =

GOLDEN EARRING - Cut =180g coloured vinyl =

1x LP 180 gr.33rpm audiophile Vinyl
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1982 -2021 EU reissue on 180g coloured vinyl LP - Cut is an album by Dutch hard rock band Golden Earring. It is one of their most popular releases to date, as it contains the international hit “Twilight Zone”, written by guitarist/vocalist George Kooyman

Golden Earring Switch =180g vinyl LP =

GOLDEN EARRING - Switch =180g vinyl LP =

1x LP 180 gr.33rpm audiophile Vinyl
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1975 -2021 EU reissue on 180g Vinyl LP - Switch is the tenth studio album by Dutch rock band Golden Earring, as the follow-up of the band's international breakthrough album Moontan. “Kill Me (Ce Soir)” perfectly demonstrates how Golden Earring experiment

Golden Earring Live = white vinyl 180g 2LP =

GOLDEN EARRING - Live = white vinyl 180g 2LP =

2xLP 180g 33rpm= limited white vinyl=
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( 1977 ) 2021 EU ltd pressing on180g white vinyl 2xLP =a double live album released by Dutch rock band Golden Earring in 1977. With its long, spun out versions of classic Golden Earring songs (lasting between 5 and 12 minutes each), this record is vastly