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Muse 2nd Law = 180g 2LP =

MUSE - 2nd Law = 180g 2LP =

2x LP 180g 33rpm=gatefold=
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2012 EU issue on 180g vinyl 2LP- As Howard accurately describes it, The 2nd Law brims with "wild" sounds. It's exactly what Muse had in mind when they sat down last October after the completion of the two-year Resistance world tour. Within four quick we..

Muse Simulation Theory

MUSE - Simulation Theory

2x LP 180g 33rpm=gatefold=
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2018 EU issue on vinyl LP =Simulation Theory is the new studio album of the Grammy award winning rock band Muse. with "Dig Down", "Thought Contagion", "Something Human", "The Dark Side", and "Pressure". a.o.

Muse Origin of Symmetry =2LP=

MUSE - Origin of Symmetry =2LP=

2x LP 180gr.33rpm
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( 2001 ) 2015 EU reissue 180g vinyl 2LP- U.K. favorite Muse's 2001 sophomore release,  including the first two singles, 'Plug In Baby' & 'New Born'.

Muse Resistance =2LP=

MUSE - Resistance =2LP=

2x LP 180g Vinyl gatefold
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( 2009 ) 2015 EU repressed 180g 2 LP - the 5th studio album by English alternative rock band Muse, includes the single 'Uprising' and 'United States Of Eurasia'

Muse Black Holes & Revelations

MUSE - Black Holes & Revelations

1x LP 180g 33rpm
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( 2006) 2009 EU reissue standard vinyl-including the electro-metal stomper 'Supermassive Black Hole', 'Starlight' & 'Knights of Cydonia.

Muse Showbiz =2LP =

MUSE - Showbiz =2LP =

2x LP HQ Vinyl
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( 1999) 2009 reissue vinyl 2LP Showbiz is the debut studio album by English rock band Muse. Arguably one of the best Muse albums and stunning tracks such as " Muscle Museum" and" Uno".