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Sisters of Mercy First And Last And Always = 180g= MFSL

SISTERS OF MERCY - First And Last And Always = 180g= MFSL

1x LP 180 gr.33rpm =MFSL=Numbered
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( 1985 ) - 2011 US Mobile Fidelity numbered reissue on 180g Vinyl LP - "The lead track, 'Black Planet,' showcases the new remastering to full effect. The song features an all-encompassing bass rhythm that, with every strike, infects the tune like mustard

Sisters of Mercy Floodland


1x LP 33rpm
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( 1987 ) - 2015 EU reissue on vinyl LP - one of the seminal 80's goth albums including Dominion, This Corrosion and Lucretia, Meat Loaf Producer Jim Steinman and New York Choral Society Among Collaborators on Vast-Reaching LP

The Sisters of Mercy emerg