Steven Wilson

Steven Wilson Steven Wilson (1967 ) is a British singer , guitarist , pianist and producer in the progressive rock and metal genre . He is a guitarist and lead singer of the British progressive rock band Porcupine Tree ( since 1991 ) and also a member of the band formed in 1986, No- Man , which nowadays includes the duo Wilson and Tim Bowness . Wilson also produced the Blackwater Park , Deliverance and Damnation albums of the Swedish metal band Opeth , and he wrote the last album . He also has several musical contributions to these albums . He has worked with artists such as Opeth, King Crimson, Pendulum, Jethro Tull, XTC, Yes, and Anathema.

Wilson in addition to his work with Porcupine Tree various musical side projects, including Bass Communion , IEM ( Incredible Expanding Mindfuck ) , Continuum and Blackfield . This last project he recorded three albums ( Blackfield I, II and Blackfield Welcome to my DNA ) with the Israeli musician and peace activist Aviv Geffen . Since 2009 he has also made three solo albums :

2009: Insurgentes
    2011: Grace for Drowning
        Volume 1: Deform to Form a Star
        Volume 2: Like Dust I Have Cleared from My Eye
    2013: The Raven That Refused to Sing (And Other Stories)
    2014: Cover Version( Singles series between 2003 - 2010)

Porcupine Tree:
1991: On the Sunday of Life...
    1992: Voyage 34 (12"-Single)
    1993: Up the Downstair
    1994: Moonloop (EP)
    1994: Staircase Infinities (EP)
    1995: The Sky Moves Sideways
    1996: Signify
    1999: Stupid Dream
    2000: Lightbulb Sun
    2001: Recordings (Kompilation)
    2002: In Absentia
    2003: Futile (EP)
    2005: Deadwing
    2007: Fear of a Blank Planet
    2007: Nil Recurring (EP)
    2009: The Incident

Storm Corrosion:
2012: Storm Corrosion

1993: Loveblows & Lovecries - A Confession
    1994: Flowermouth
    1996: Wild Opera
    2001: Returning Jesus
    2003: Together We're Stranger
    2008: Schoolyard Ghosts

2004: Blackfield
    2007: Blackfield II
    2011: Welcome to My DNA
    2013: IV

Bass Communion:
1998: Bass Communion I
    1999: Bass Communion II
    2001: Bass Communion III
    2004: Ghosts on Magnetic Tape
    2005: Indicates Void
    2006: Loss
    2008: Pacific Codex
    2008: Molotov and Haze
    2011: Cenotaph

Incredible Expanding Mindfuck:
1996: I.E.M.
    1999: An Escalator to Christmas
    2001: Arcadia Son
    2001: IEM Have Come for Your Children
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Steven Wilson -Transience ( compilation )=180g 2LP =

STEVEN WILSON - -Transience ( compilation )=180g 2LP =

2x LP 180gr. HQ Vinyl 33rpm
-- In Stock --

2015 issue HQ 180G vinyl 2LP -=The perfect introduction to the world of Steven Wilson's solo work on a limited vinyl only release. 'Transience' features a new recording of the beautiful Porcupine Tree classic 'Lazarus', alongside other great tracks like '

Steven Wilson Last Day of June (OST) =180g vinyl LP =

STEVEN WILSON - Last Day of June (OST) =180g vinyl LP =

1xLP 180g 33rpm =
-- In Stock --

2017-2021 EU reissue on 180g vinyl LP - Original game soundtrack of the multiple award winning adventure puzzle video game, Music by Steven Wilson. Last Day of June is an adventure puzzle video game in third-person perspective. The soundtrack to Last Day

Steven Wilson Hand. Cannot. Erase. = 2018 reissue vinyl 2LP=

STEVEN WILSON - Hand. Cannot. Erase. = 2018 reissue vinyl 2LP=

2xLP 180g 33rpm
-- In Stock --

2015-2018 EU reissue on 180g vinyl 2LP -The fourth solo album from prolific songwriter, four-time Grammy-nominated artist, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Steven Wilson. Hand. Cannot Erase. is a dynamic 11-song conceptual set, bringi...

Steven Wilson -4 1/2  =180g vinyl LP =

STEVEN WILSON - -4 1/2 =180g vinyl LP =

1x LP 180 gr.33rpm
-- Sold Out -- But expected in again!

2016 EU issue on 180g vinyl LP - 4+1⁄2 is a An interim release between Hand. Cannot. Erase. and his next album, Steven Wilson's 4 ½ comprises 6 tracks with a total running time of 37 minutes. The closing track is a new version of "Don't Hate Me", origin

Steven Wilson -Grace For Drowning= 2LP =

STEVEN WILSON - -Grace For Drowning= 2LP =

2XLP standard 33rpm
-- Sold Out -- But expected in again!

2011 EU issue on vinyl 2LP - 2011's Grace For Drowning, which Wilson describes as "my biggest project to date," is the second album released under Wilson’s own name, and builds on the artistic inroads he forged with 2009’s exceptionally well-received In

Steven Wilson Insurgentes = 2LP =  remastered =

STEVEN WILSON - Insurgentes = 2LP = remastered =

2x LP 180gr 33rpm =remastered=
-- In Stock --

( 2009 ) 2020 reissue 2015 EU remaster 140gram 2LP - Steven Wilson's 2009 debut, with excellent 'Mexico' variation of Insurgentes

Steven Wilson Future Bites ( 180g black vinyl )

STEVEN WILSON - Future Bites ( 180g black vinyl )

1x LP 180 gr.33rpm
-- In Stock --

2021 EU issue on 180g vinyl - Steven Wilson newest album -The Future Bites' is an exploration of how the human brain has evolved in the Internet era. As well as being Wilson's phenomenal sixth album, it is also an online portal to a world of high conce

Steven Wilson Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories ) = 2LP =

STEVEN WILSON - Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories ) = 2LP =

2xLP 33rpm
-- In Stock --

2013 - 2021 reissue vinyl 2LP - Engineered by Legendary Producer/Engineer Alan Parsons - Highly respected British artist and Porcupine Tree frontman Steven Wilson returns with his third solo album The Raven That Refused To Sing And Other Stories Set for r