Jacintha is a Singaporean jazz singer/torch singer and stage actress who has been well-known in parts of the Asia-Pacific region since the '80s and has been increasing her exposure in North America since the late '90s. Jacintha has never been the type of jazz artist who goes out of her way to be abstract, difficult, or complicated; her work has been quite accessible and easy to absorb, drawing on direct or indirect influences that have included Julie London and Shirley Horn as well as Brazilian star Astrud Gilberto. Jacintha has long been fluent in English, which is widely spoken in Singapore and is one of its four official languages along with Malay, Mandarin Chinese (as opposed to Cantonese Chinese), and Tamil.
Studio Albums
1983: Silence
1987: Tropicana
1991: Dramamama
1997: My Life
1998: Here's To Ben – A Vocal Tribute To Ben Webster
1999: Autumn Leaves – The Songs of Johnny Mercer
2002: Lush Life
2003: Jacintha Is Her Name
2004: Girl From Bossa Nova
2005: Love Flows Like A River (Chinese)
2007: Jacintha Goes To Hollywood
2008: Best of Jacintha
Jacintha Jacintha is Her Name

JACINTHA - Jacintha is Her Name

2x LP 180 gr. HQ Vinyl 45RPM
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2003 US Goorve Note issue on audiophile 180 g vinyl LP 45rpm cutting- may be Jacintha's best album. Mastered by Bernie Grundman direct from the original analogue masters. -Inspired by the passing of pop balladeer Julie London, Jacintha and arranger...

Jacintha Lush Life

JACINTHA - Lush Life

2x LP 180 gr. HQ 45rpm Vinyl
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2007 US Limited edition,reissue on audiophile 180 g vinyl LP Edition 180gm HQ Plus Bonus 45rpm 12 The Beautiful And Talented Jacinthas 2001 Recording From Groove Note. -the accolades Singapore-born vocalist Jacintha has garnered are too numerous to l...

Jacintha Best of Jacintha

JACINTHA - Best of Jacintha

2x LP 180gr. HQ Vinyl 33rpm
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2008 US Groove Note on 180g virgin vinyl LP -direct from the original analogue masters. For the first time ever, Groove Note presents a collection of the finest recordings by the incomparable Jacintha. Spanning a decade of musical output, this set is...

Jacintha Jacintha Goes To Hollywood

JACINTHA - Jacintha Goes To Hollywood

2x LP 180 gr. limited edition 45rpm
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2007 US Limited issue on audiophile 180 g Mastered by Bernie Grundman direct from the original analogue masters. -Jacintha Goes To Hollywood sees the sensual and seductive voiced chanteuse, features 'Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head' and 'California Dr