John Coltrane

John Coltrane
John Coltrane, also known as "Trane" (1926 –1967), American jazz saxophonist and composer. Working in the bebop and hard bop idioms early in his career, Coltrane helped pioneer the use of modes in jazz and was later at the forefront of free jazz. He led at least fifty recording sessions during his career, and appeared as a sideman on many albums by other musicians, including trumpeter Miles Davis and pianist Thelonious Monk.
As his career progressed, Coltrane and his music took on an increasingly spiritual dimension. Coltrane influenced innumerable musicians, and remains one of the most significant saxophonists in music history. He received many posthumous awards and recognitions, including canonization by the African Orthodox Church as Saint John William Coltrane and a special Pulitzer Prize in 2007.[2] His second wife was pianist Alice Coltrane and their son Ravi Coltrane is also a saxophonist.
1956 - Two Tenors (Prestige)
1956 - Tenor Conclave (Original Jazz)
1956 - Mating Call (Prestige)
1956 - John Coltrane and the Jazz Giants (Fantasy)
1957 - Interplay for 2 Trumpets and 2 Tenors (Original Jazz)
1957 - John Coltrane with Kenny Burrell
1957 - Cattin' with Coltrane and Quinichette
1957 - Coltrane (Original Jazz)
1957 - Lush Life
1957 - The Last Trane
1957 - John Coltrane with the Red Garland Trio
1957 - Traneing In
1957 - Blue Train
1957 - The John Coltrane/Ray Draper Quintet
1957 - The Ultimate Blue Train
1957 - Once in a While
1958 - The Believer
1958 - Soultrane
1958 - Trane's Reign
1958 - Dial Africa
1958 - Gold Coast
1958 - Settin' the Pace
1958 - Man Made Miles
1959 - Giant Steps
1960 - The Avant-Garde
1960 - Coltrane Plays the Blues
1960 - Coltrane's Sound
1960 - My Favorite Things
1960 - Coltrane Jazz
1961 - Africa/Brass
1961 - Olé Coltrane
1961 - Impressions
1961 - Trancendence Summit
1961 - Live at the Village Vanguard
1961 - In Europe
1962 - Coltrane
1962 - Ballads
1962 - Bye Bye Blackbird
1962 - Coltrane Live in Paris
1963 - John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman
1963 - To the Beat of a Different Drum
1963 - Dear Old Stockholm
1963 - Live at Birdland
1963 - Live at the Half Note
1964 - Crescent
1964 - A Love Supreme
1965 - The John Coltrane Quartet Plays
1965 - Transition
1965 - Kulu Se Mama
1965 - Infinity
1965 - Ascension
1965 - The Major Works of John Coltrane
1965 - Sun Ship
1965 - Om
1965 - Meditations
1965 - New Thing at Newport
1965 - Live in Seattle
1965 - A Love Supreme Live in Concert
1965 - Immortal Concerts: A Love Supremer
1966 - Live at the Village Vanguard Again!
1966 - Live in Japan
1967 - Expression
1967 - Stellar Regions
1967 - Interstellar Space
1967 - The Olatunji Concert: The Last Live Recording
John Coltrane Blue Train


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John Coltrane Blue Train =japan issue=

JOHN COLTRANE - Blue Train =japan issue=

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John Coltrane Bags & Trane (with Milt Jackson)

JOHN COLTRANE - Bags & Trane (with Milt Jackson)

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2010 EU reissue on 180g LP- Vibraphonist Milt Jackson and saxophone virtuoso John Coltrane recorded just once together, and this 1959 date makes one wish they reunited for several return engagements. Lighthearted, upbeat, and joyously fluid, Bags & T...

John Coltrane My Favorite Things

JOHN COLTRANE - My Favorite Things

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2014 EU reissue on 180g LP+download -One of Coltrane’s best-known records. Pure Serenity: 1960 Masterpiece Finds Coltrane Reworking Pop Standards.It remains a marvel of modern music, its freshness immune to age.

John Coltrane Black Pearls

JOHN COLTRANE - Black Pearls

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John Coltrane Coltrane Jazz

JOHN COLTRANE - Coltrane Jazz

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2010 EU reissue on 180g LP-on the heels of Giant Steps, Coltrane Jazz came in the midst of the saxophonists peak Atlantic period. The album is among several recordings that Coltrane issued from 1959-1961, and which ultimately forever changed the fac...

John Coltrane Blue Train


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John Coltrane Avant Garde(John Coltrane & Don Cherry ‎)

JOHN COLTRANE - Avant Garde(John Coltrane & Don Cherry ‎)

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Originally released in 1966-2015 EU reissue on 180g vinyl-Recorded during the summer of 1960 this legendary LP is a milestone of Free Jazz history. Joining Coltrane and Cherry are essentially the rest of the members of the Ornette Coleman Quartet: Ed...

John Coltrane John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman

JOHN COLTRANE - John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman

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John Coltrane Lush Life


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2010 EU reissue on 180g LP+download-Lush Life(1957) is a combination of standards and a blues treated in the unique Coltrane manner sound wedded to material in a completely personal way contains three tracks without a piano This is the first time he ...