Earth and Fire

Earth and Fire (Earth & Fire) is a pop group which was formed in the Netherlands by Chris & galley Rudoko ª star, et al. It gained popularity in the 1970s, Earth and Fire was ranked number at the top of the charts of pop music in the Netherlands. Successful in the Netherlands, but their music is not well known in the United States and the United Kingdom. Greatest hits international their is "Weekend", I won the first place in the charts of Portugal Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, and Denmark,.

    Earth and Fire (1970)
    Song of the Marching Children (1971)
    Atlantis (1973)
    To the World of the Future (1975)
    Rock Sensation (1975 COMPILATION)
    Gate to Infinity (1977)
    Reality Fills Fantasy (1979)
    Andromeda Girl (1981)
    In a State of Flux (1982)
    Phoenix (1989)
    Greatest Hits ( CD ) (1991)
    The Ultimate Collection ( 3CD ) (2003)
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Earth and Fire Golden Years of Dutch Pop=their hit singles=

EARTH AND FIRE - Golden Years of Dutch Pop=their hit singles=

1x LP 180 33rpm +bonus 3 tracks
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2017 EU issue on 180G 2LP = their hit singles, amongst others "Seasons", "Maybe Tomorrow, Maybe Tonight", the hits "Storm And Thunder", "Memories", "Weekend" and a selection of B side singles like "Hazy Paradise", "Theme From Atlantis" and many more pop s