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Jam, the The Jam was a British group consisting of vocalist / guitarist Paul Weller, bassist / vocalist Bruce Foxton and drummer Rick Buckler. The Jam was one of the most popular punk bands in the late 70s. The group was known for their melodic punk music, with a typical English look (style mods). The lyrics of The Jam idealized typical England, just like The Kinks. Herein The Jam distinguished style and contemporaries like The Clash and the Sex Pistols, who called for more progressive changes (The Clash) or destruction (Sex Pistols).

    1977 - In the City
    1977 - This Is the Modern World
    1978 - All Mod Cons
    1979 - Setting Sons
    1980 - Sound Affects
    1982 - The Gift
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Jam, the All Mod Cons

JAM, THE - All Mod Cons

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( 1978 ) - 2014 reissue on 180g LP download =closes with the classic Jam single, ‘Down in the Tube Station at Midnight’.The Jam regrouped and refocused for All Mod Cons, an album that marked a great leap in songwriting maturity and sense of purpose. For