Kari Bremnes

Kari Bremnes Kari Bremnes (1956 - ) is a Norwegian singer and songwriter. She got an M.A. in language, literature, history and theater studies and worked as a journalist for several years before deciding to dedicate herself to music full time.

She was influenced by Joni Mitchell, Frank Zappa, Donovan, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and the Beatles.

Most of their albums are due to their excellent sound quality, especially with audiophile-oriented music listeners popular, such as the concept album Svarta Bjørn over the historically documented figure of Anna Rebecka Hofstad (or "Anna Norge"), the end of the 19th century as bunkhouses-cook for track workers hired during the construction of the swedish-Norwegian Erzbahn and thus one of the few women in a man's world was almost completely closed.

    1987. Mitt ville hjerte
    1987. Blå krukke
    1991. Spor
    1993. Folk i husan
    1993. Løsrivelse
    1994. Gåte ved Gåte
    1995. Erindring
    1997. Månestein
    1998. Svarta Bjørn
    2000. Norwegian mood
    2002. 11 Ubesvarte anrop
    2003. You'd have to be here
    2005. Over en by
    2007. Live
    2009. Ly
Kari Bremnes Og Sa Kom Resten Av Livet

KARI BREMNES - Og Sa Kom Resten Av Livet

1x LP 180 gr.33rpm + CD
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2012 German issue11track LP+CD edition, pressed on Heavyweight Vinyl The latest album from Norwegian singer Kari Bremnes."I write about have arrived there in life where you have good views of both backward and forward. And there you see certainly a ...

Kari Bremnes Reise =2LP=


2x LP 180gr. Vinyl 33rpm
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2007 German pressing on 180g 2LP - Recordings November 2006 in Oslo, January 2007 in Oldenburg, Hanover, Bochum, Esslingen, Munich, Kaiserslautern, Nuremberg, Lörrach.

Anyone who has already had the pleasure of experiencing Kari Bremnes live can look

Kari Bremnes Over en By( Over A City)

KARI BREMNES - Over en By( Over A City)

2x LP 180gr. Vinyl 33rpm
-- In Stock --

2006 German reissue on 180gram vinyl-With a new band and 14 new songs Kari Bremnes is releasing her ninth solo album Over en By Over a City She has written all the lyrics and most of the music On this album Kari has shifted into a new gear The essenc...

Kari Bremnes Norwegian Mood

KARI BREMNES - Norwegian Mood

1x LP 180 gr.33rpm
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2008 German pressing on 180g virgin vinyl ="Norwegian Mood" is the first English album of the Norwegian opera stars Kari Bremnes, one of the most successful artists in Scandinavia. The superb songmaterial their travels eighth album in the tradition...

Kari Bremnes Gate Vet Gate

KARI BREMNES - Gate Vet Gate

1x LP 180 gr.33rpm
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originally released in 1994 - 2009 Germany 10-track vinyl LP edition-smooth jazz from Norway with an elegant, sophisticated and haunting voice.- Pressing on 180gr audiophile pressing.