Karl Seglem

Karl Seglem Karl Seglem (born in 1961 in Årdalstangen, Norway) is a Norwegian Jazz musician (saxophone and bukkehorn), composer and producer, known from a series of combined jazz and traditional music releases

    Poems For Trio (1988)
    1991: Sogn-A-Song (NorCD)
    1994: Rit (NorCD)
    1998: Spir (NorCD)
    2002: Nye nord (NorCD)
    2004: New north (NorCD)
    2004: Femstein (NorCD)
    2005: Budda og reven Singie (NorCD)
    2005: Reik (NorCD)
    2006: Urbs (NorCD)
    2008: Spelferd – a playful journey DVD (NorCD)
    2009: NORSKjazz.no (NorCD)
    2009: Skoddeheimen (NorCD)
    2009: Draumkvedet (NorCD)
    2010: Ossicles (NorCD)
    2013: NyeSongar.no (Ozella Music)
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Karl Seglem Ossicles

KARL SEGLEM - Ossicles

1x LP 180 gr.33rpm HQ vinyl = limited=
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2010 - 2013 EU 180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP edition =For his 27th solo album, Karl Seglem traveled to the idycally located Herrenhaus-Hotel in the small town of Salderatzen to recreate the mythical moods of his concerts,...