Linkin Park

Linkin Park One More Light

LINKIN PARK - One More Light

2x LP HQ Vinyl 33rpm with D-side Echted
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2014 EU reissued on vinyl LP-

Linkin Park Living Things

LINKIN PARK - Living Things

1x LP 33rpm
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2012 EU issue on special white vinyl LP-From day one, Linkin Park built the band upon the premise of fusing all of their favorite styles of music -as disparate as they might be- into one signature sound. Fast-forward 12 years to Living Things and the...

Linkin Park Hybrid Theory

LINKIN PARK - Hybrid Theory

1x LP 33rpm vinyl
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Origianlly released in 2000 - 2014 EU reissued on Vinyl for the First Time in Over a Decade Courtesy of Warner Bros. When the first track from a band's debut album gets added to major rock stations four weeks before its official release, it must be ...