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Tom Waits One From The Heart  ( And Crystal Gayle ‎) =MOFI=

TOM WAITS - One From The Heart ( And Crystal Gayle ‎) =MOFI=

1x LP 180 gr. stereo 33rpm HQ =MOFI=
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( 1982 ) -2016 US MFSL reissue on 180g LP-One of the most beautifully wrought soundtrack collaborations in history. Singer Crystal Gayle is featured prominently on this in 1982 released album. performing either solo or in duets with Waits

Tom Waits Small Change

TOM WAITS - Small Change

1XLP 180g 33rpm vinyl=Cut from the orginal analog masters
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( 1993 ) 2018 EU reissue 180g vinyl LP -Small Change is a masterpiece that contains some of Waits’ best early work. Classic jazz, Tin Pan Alley, and Stephen Foster filtered through Tom’s unique worldview and lyrical genius. Heartbreaking, hilarious and al

Tom Waits Real Gone = 180g 2LP=

TOM WAITS - Real Gone = 180g 2LP=

1x LP standard 33rpm vinyl
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( 2004 ) 2017 EU reissue remix 180g LP - Real Gone is the 18th proper studio album from the gruff-voiced singer/songwriter serves marks a departure from 2002's Alice and Blood Money, with an emphasis on mouth-made percussion. Avant-garde guitarist Marc Ri

Tom Waits Closing Time =180g reissue =

TOM WAITS - Closing Time =180g reissue =

1x LP 180 gr.33rpm HQ vinyl
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( 1973 ) 2018 EU reissue on 180g= 1973s Waits debut album at the tender age of 24, where he'd yet to develop his storytelling and deep gruff voice, but nonetheless still managed to sound like a man that lived a thousand lives. a delicate and truly gorge

Tom Waits Bad as Me =180g =

TOM WAITS - Bad as Me =180g =

1x LP 180 gr.33rpm
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( 2011 ) 2017 EU reissue on 180g LP+ download - Bad As Me is Tom Waits' first studio album of all new music in seven years. This pivotal work refines the music that has come before and signals a new direction

Tom Waits Alice =2LP=

TOM WAITS - Alice =2LP=

1x LP 180 gr.33rpm+CD
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( 1992 ) 2017 EU reissue on standard vinyl 2LP -Alice has been called Waits longlost masterpiece. Originally performed as an opera directed by Robert Wilson for Hamburgs Thalia Theatre in 1992 but left unrecorded until 2001 Th...