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Essential Audio Tools Current Conductor HC IEC
Essential Audio Tools Current Conductor HC IEC
Essential Audio Tools Current Conductor HC IEC

Essential Audio Tools Current Conductor HC IEC

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Mains Cable, Lowers the external field around your power cord, Lowers sensitivity for existing fields in the close environment, Can easily transport high currents without power loss Lees meer..

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Available in three variation, C13 (common), HC (High-Current) and 'figure 8' version

Working principle

Without noticing we are in a very polluted environment. Everywhere around us fields arise from currents flowing through conductors. Electromagnetic interference is not visible to us, but it's just there. Each device using energy causes fluctuations on the network in the form of peaks or surges, or causes a variation in the fields in the air. The effects occur around the device itself and on its mains supply, but even far away from the device the fields are still measurable. This can only be measured with suitable equipment, not with our ears. 

Common thought is that shielded power cords protect the connected devices better against influences from outside, and that is true. But much more important is that the field created by the fluctuating current inside the power cord itself does not reach interlinks in the neighbourhood. Interlinks transport small signals to devices with a high input resistance, this makes the signals extremely sensitive for interfering fields.

Many power cords for audio purposes look beautiful, just like ours. But appearance is not all! The Current Conductor is a dual shielded cable. The outside shield is NOT from braided steel because a steel screening does not function as a shield, it is meant to protect the cable against physical force. Instead, the Current Conductor power cords have a high density braided copper screen with tin surface plating for protection against oxidation. Under the tinned copper shielding lies a 100% closed aluminum foil for suppression of high frequencies. In contradiction to a synthetic foil, this solution works! 

The stranded wires are suitable to conduct high currents without resistive losses (the losses of energy in the form of heat). The earth wire is connected at both sides, the shield is only connected at the feeding side, as it is supposed to be. Finally, we gave the plug a nice CNC machined hood.

Where to use?

If it is up to us, everywhere! The upmost effect can be obtained when all power cords from consuming devices become replaced. The external fields will thus be much lower, reaching acceptable values and cause less interference.

Power cords close to interlinks are even more important. They should be replaced, especially when the signal transport is unbalanced (with RCA/phono plugs). When power cords are wired in parallel of signal cables or when a signal cable is coming from or going to a phono stage, then placing the Current Conductor is strongly recommended. 

Because the total resistance is linearly proportional to the cable length, the low resistance of our Current Conductor can also work in your advantage when using over large distances.  

When in doubt: just contact us. We will be pleased to answer your questions.

What to expect?

The result of experimenting with our power cords can vary from small changes to big surprises. The most heard improvement is the quietness in silent parts of the music as well as more noticeable details and more holographic soundstage. A high quality recording with on average a low volume and high dynamics will benefit most from the lowered background noise.  This background is most described by our users as "dark" and "deep". 

current conductor - plug types

Specifications  HC-type (see above, middle figure)

Conductor type: OFC copper, stranded
Mains connector: Schuko
Output connector: C19
Cable Length: as ordered

Outer diameter: 10,4mm
Conductors [mm2]: 3 x 2.5
Screening: braided tinned copper + alu foil
Maximum current: 16A










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Current Conductor HC IEC

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Beoordeel Essential Audio Tools Current Conductor HC IEC

Mains Cable, Lowers the external field around your power cord, Lowers sensitivity for existing field..

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