Marcelo Nisinman
ChamberJam Europe

  1 x LP   180grs   33⅓rpm     Numbered Direct To Disc PALLAS 

2013 German vinyl LP Edition on 180g Vinyl, Direct To Disc Mastered at Emil Berliner Studios! Cut By Maarten de Boer and Pressed At Pallas!

The musicians are absolute experts in their field: take first the legendary saxophonist Volker Schlott who ...

Label:  berliner 
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Release date: 16--01-2017

2017 German vinyl LP Edition on 180g Vinyl, Direct To Disc Mastered at Emil Berliner Studios! Pressed At Pallas!

Side 1
A1 Hombre Tango (Author – Marcelo Nisinman)
A2 Oblivion (Author – Astor Piazzolla, Marcelo Nisinman)
A3 Pourquoi Tu Te Leves (Author – Marcelo Nisinman)
A4 El Entreterriano (Author – Marcelo Nisinman, Rosendo Mendizábal)

B5 Bordel 1900 (Author – Astor Piazzolla)
B6 Cafe 1930 (Author – Astor Piazzolla)
B7 Nightclub 1960 (Author – Astor Piazzolla)
B8 Concert D'Aujourd'hui (Author – Astor Piazzolla)

Production details
Recorded :2015-11-22
Released :2017-07-01
Executive & Recording Producers: Rainer Maillard & Stephan Flock
Recording Engineer (Tonmeister): Stephan Flock
Cutting Engineer : Rainer Maillard
Lacquer Disc Developing : Pallas GmbH
Recording and Mastering

Emil Berliner Studios
Recording Location
Emil Berliner Studios, Studio 1
Recording Equipment
PolyGram Modul Mixer, Reverberation Chamber 1 & 2
Josephson C700S, Thuresson CM402, Neumann TLM 170, Sennheiser MD 421, MKH 800, MKH 30 & MKH 50
Steinway 360060
Neumann VMS 80
Cutting Head
Neumann SX 74
Cutting Amp
Ortofon Amp GO 741
Juuso Westerlund (Front), IKKE (Rear)

Discs: 1
Drager(LP,EP,12,7,CD): LP
Qual(120grs,150grs,180grs): 180grs
Speed(33,45): 33
Extra info: Numbered Direct To Disc PALLAS
Label: berliner
This release: 2013
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