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LX2-HPA-Headphone Amplifier

  MM/MC phonostage  

The Musical Fidelity LX2-HPA is a headphone amplifier of superb sonic quality.

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The Musical Fidelity LX2-HPA is a headphone amplifier of superb sonic quality.

LX2-HPA - Overview
Musical Fidelity has extensive experience making super headphone amps, the LX2-HPA builds on our decades of experience to deliver a great performer with beautiful, restrained and tasteful aesthetics.

Technical Performance
A headphone amplifier is like a small power amp, relative to the load (the headphones) the technical requirements are similar: Excellent load tolerance, high stability margins, low distortion, wide bandwidth, low noise, excellent channel separation.
The LX2-HPA will easily drive any commercially produced headphone. It's high current delivery and excellent stability margins result in completely uncoloured neutral performance.
Distortion at less than 0.0035%, wide band is vanishingly low and certainly inaudible.
Bandwidth extends to about 80kHz and even at 40kHz the distortion remains well below 0.05%. A remarkable achievement.
The outstanding noise ratio of better than 112dB means that the music comes from a true 'black velvet' background field.
Stereo separation is excellent and assures a rock solid imaging experience. Talk about 'adventures in inner space!

The LX2-HPA gives a sensual monitor level listening experience. Completely uncoloured sound delivered with virtually limitless dynamic range from a black velvet background, and perfectly placed spatial imagery.



LX2-HPA - Specifications
Input Impedance: 47KΩ
Input Sensitivity: 3.0mV
Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.01%
Signal / Noise Ratio: >80dB
Power Requirement: 12 - 24V 100mA Regulated
RCA Input: 1pr RCA sockets
RCA Output: 1pr RCA sockets
Headphone Output (6.3mm): 1 stereo jack socket (6.3mm)
Headphone Output (3.5mm): 1 stereo jack socket (3.5mm)
Power Input: DC Jack (1.3mm inner pin, outer diam. 3.5mm
Length (including terminals) 197mm
Width 172mm
Height (including feet) 46.5 mm
Unit alone: 1.05Kg
Unit with packing: 1.50Kg
Included accessories
Power Supply: 12V 500mA


Phonostage: MM/MC phonostage
Input impedance, MM: 47 kohm
Input impedance, MC: 100 ohm
Gain, MM: 40dB
Gain, MC: 58dB
Noise floor, MM: >80dB
Noise floor, MC: >70dB
THD, MM: 0,01%
THD, MC: 0,01%
RIAA curve accuracy: +/- 0,25dB
Power Supply: 12v 500mA DC
Dimensions (mm): 170 x 47 x 102 (WxHxD)
Weight: 0,6kg
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