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Watsons VinylCare .
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Watsons VinylCare Watson's RCM Record Cleaning machine

WATSONS VINYLCARE - Watson's RCM Record Cleaning machine

Very nice made and a small footprint
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The Watson's record Cleaning Machine is solid built. The full aluminium body forms a strong base for all it's components. The platter is stable and smaller then the record. This smaller size keeps the platter dry when you mistakenly apply to much f...

watsons 7 inch Vacuum Arm

WATSONS - 7 inch Vacuum Arm

7inch vacuum arm
-- Sold Out -- But expected in again!

This dedicated cleaning arm is designed exclusively for use with 7inch vinyl records on the Watson’s Record Cleaning Machine, the 7-inch vacuum arm quickly & thoroughly removes all traces of cleaning fluid, along with debris that was removed by the brush