Watsons VinylCare
Soft Protection Cover -for Watsons Record Washing Machine

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Developed for use in combination with the Watson’s Record Cleaning Machine, Watson’s Record Cleaning Fluid gently, effectively, safely and completely loosens, lifts, and removes dust, grease, grime, fingerprints, and other contaminants from your valuable

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When your Watson’s Record Cleaning Machine is not in use, keep it as dust-free and as safe from contaminants as you do your precious vinyl with this custom, soft PVC cover. Manufactured to precise specifications to completely cover the machine’s sturdy aluminium body and platter and protect it from accidental damage, dings, or dents, this custom cover shields your investment and ensures it will perform for years to come exactly as it did right out of the box.
At the back of this soft PVC cover there are two cut-outs for the main power cord and for the hose to release used cleaning fluid.

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