A Tribe Called Quest
Midnight Marauders ( vinyl LP )

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( 1993 ) - 2019 EU issue on standard vinyl LP- A Tribe Called Quest composed a number of successful singles and albums with their creative approach to rap music In 1990 the group released Peoples Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm scoring sever

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Release date: 12-11-2019 (originally released in 1993)

2019 reissue on standard LP =Classic 1993 album of polished but raw funk/jazz/hip-hop, featuring "Steve Biko (Stir It Up)" & "Sucka Nigga".

1: Midnight marauders tour guide
2: Steve biko (stir it up)
3: Award tour
4: 8 million stories
5: Sucka nigga
6: Midnight
7: We can get down
8: Electric relaxation
9: Clap your hands
10: Oh my god
11: Keep it rollin'
12: The chase, part ii
13: Lyrics to go
14: God lives through

As long as there is hip-hop, debate will rage as to which album by A Tribe Called Quest is their finest. Of course, they're all superb, but 1993's "Midnight Marauders" - their third full-length - may well be the best of all. That's a big call, but we'd ask any doubters to give it another listen. The New York crew is in particularly fine form on the mic throughout, while the backing tracks, which make great use of crunchy, head-nodding beats and hundreds of superb, hand-picked samples, are amongst the most intricately produced, groovy and deep ever committed to wax. It's one of those hip-hop sets that should be in the collection of any committed music head, and not just rap fans.

Discs: 1
Drager(LP,EP,12,7,CD): LP
Qual(120grs,150grs,180grs): 180grs
Speed(33,45): 33rpm
Label: Jive
This release: 2019
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