Phono Box MM Basic

  MM phonostage  

The most affordable Phonostage for starters. Better sound than you expect from a low priced phonostage.
MM input only. External Power supply 16V AC included.

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If your amplifier has not got a MM input for your new turntable, then consider buying this phonostage 'for starters'. It connects your turntable to a line input of your amplifier, like AUX, CD, TAPE.

• Gold plated RCA connection sockets  

• Outboard power supply included, 230V AC input, 16V AC output 

• Amplification and RIAA equalisation for MM cartridges  

• Small size allows installation close to record player  

Phonostage: MM phonostage
Input impedance, MM: 47k Ohm/120pF
Gain, MM: 32dB
Output Voltage, MM: 200mV/1khz at 5mV/1kHz input
Noise floor, MM: 82dB (88dB-A weighted)
THD, MM: 0,05%
RIAA curve accuracy: 20Hz-20kHz max 0,5dB
Power Supply: 16V/40mA AC, included
Dimensions (mm): 107 (120 with sockets) x 28 x 60
Weight: 90
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